Summer Gardens

by Marian McQuillan June-21-2018

Summer is here and we are starting to get out in the fresh air. We are varnishing up the outdoor furniture and trimming hedges and grass and lighting up the BBQ. A garden is usually high on the list when purchasing a home. In the city it is sometimes hard to get the square meters but with a little imagination and some good ideas you could transform even a small space to a beautiful haven to enjoy on a sunny summer evening.

Container gardening is becoming really popular and there are plenty of beautiful summer flowers, herbs and veggies that will flourish in garden pots. The great thing about pot gardening is that the pots can be suspended and hung from heights with hooks which is perfect for balconies and small spaces. The floor space will then be maximized for a nice reading chair or dining space. You can even get creative with the type of containers used, old vintage wheel barrows or anything decorative can look really good and can be moved around the space if needs be.

Wall gardens and vertical gardens are being incorporated into much of today’s architecture as cities are expanding and green areas are being used for building. It is important to have green spaces around us for our health and for a healthy environment. If you have a sunny wall space you could have a vertical garden. The vertical garden can grow anything from herbs to summer flowers or even veggies. Make sure the wall is not too high and that the support system can handle the weight of all the soil.

Folding furniture or hammocks are perfect for a small garden area and can be stored away or taken out when the sun is shining. Swing chairs are decorative, they need very little space and are pleasant to relax in with a book on a nice warm sunny evening.

Lanterns and candles can create a beautiful atmosphere on a warm summer evening and they can be functional. Scented candles such as citronella will help to repel nasty insects which come out in the summer evenings which can cause irritations.

We live in Ireland so we can never predict when the weather is going to turn. When you’ve started up the BBQ and a rain cloud starts rolling in, it could be a good idea to invest in a canopy. They come in all forms from umbrellas to fold out shelters that retract from a wall of your house.

Quillsen hope you have a wonderful summer, with great weather, so everyone can get out and enjoy the outdoor space.

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