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As Christmas fast approaches, you just might be beginning to get into the festive spirit. But even with all things Christmas going on, it’s still a great time to try to sell your property. Surprisingly the December and Christmas period can attract a lot of interest for a property. With people out and about, visiting and entertaining as well as coming home to family at this time of year, property can gain many sets of extra eyes. If someone is house hunting around Christmas, it generally also means they are serious about buying and motivated to do so quickly.

Many people are together with family and have time to chat about their next life steps, including moving home, relocating, downsizing and trading up. For anyone not working over Christmas, there may be spare time to browse the property portals or look around locations they are interested in and dream of what they would like to do.

If you are thinking about selling in 2023 then capturing the imagination of any potential buyers over the Christmas break is a fantastic opportunity. It may take a little work but putting your property on the market a few weeks earlier than you may have intended to gain additional exposure could well prove very beneficial.

If this is what you decide to do, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you grabe the attention of anyone browsing the property marketing sites or visiting your neighbourhood.

  1. Keep the Christmas decorations minimal

While we certainly aren’t saying don’t decorate, if you have interested potential buyers wanting to view your home you don’t want the rooms to be swamped by decorations. Try about keeping decorations to a minimum to avoid overshadowing the features and potential of your house. Neutral candles and foliage wreaths work really well and keep it simple.

  1. Think about your tree choice

Real trees are a great option if you are wanting a Christmas tree. Their natural scent is fresh and clean, which can be very appealing. However, you will need to keep on top of the loose pine needles which can look messy when they begin to fall. When decorating the tree, don’t overuse bright coloured decorations, stick to a theme and again keep it neutral. A real wreath on the front door can also be very inviting.

  1. Choose warm fairy lights

Warm white fairy lights will create a cosy atmosphere in any house.. Bright white lights on the other hand can be quite harsh to the eye. As you are selling your home in winter it is likely to be dark outside so use lots of lamps to create pockets of light around the house and to highlight certain features. We would suggest avoiding filling your garden with brightly lit snowman or reindeer decorations but some simple string lights can be very attractive.

  1. Tidy away anything not needed

All the usual advice to tidy up and remove clutter applies. Although during the Christmas period viewers will expect to see some Christmas clutter, you don’t want it to dominate and detract from the permanent features of your property. Try to keep unnecessary items out of sight and keep on top of the tidying, hoovering and washing up. Don’t forget the garden, even at this time of year.

We know from our own experience that online visitors to both our website and social channels remained high during the Christmas period the past few years. There is a high demand of interested and engaged buyers so make sure your property is prepared and market ready. Once Christmas Day is over and the leftovers are eaten, people are looking ahead into the new year and may be ready to get started.

If you’d like to expert advice on selling your property and a FREE market valuation just get in touch with your local Quillsen office today. We’ll help you get your home ready to go to market for the festive period!