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Summer is a great time to sell your home as many buyers are actively searching for properties during this time. The brighter and longer summer days are a popular draw for would-be buyers and often allow more time for viewings. In many cases, there are not as many properties on the market for sale during the summer months. So, with less choice for buyers, this can often lead to excellent prices being achieved.

The summer brings about a vibrant energy, transforming our homes and gardens into inviting sanctuaries. As a homeowner looking to sell, this is the perfect time to showcase your property's full potential. With the sun shining, flowers blooming, and outdoor spaces in full swing, a house and garden in summer have an undeniable allure for potential buyers. Even a house with a north-facing garden can have full sun in the garden during the summer months - something a would-be buyer may not be aware of.

Spring and Autumn have always been considered the two traditional selling seasons. During the summer months of July and August, people were away on holidays and sellers tended to hold off putting their home on the market until September. However, with the increase in online and digital communication and cemented by Covid, this has changed. Property sales and in particular the prices being achieved during July and August, over the past number of years, have been very strong. House hunters can now search 24/7, with property alerts pinging through work days, weekends, and holidays. In addition, online bidding now means you can bid from anywhere in the world.

It is a short season and the time it takes to sale agree a property can be swift as buyers are keen to be moved before the autumn and winter months return. The back-to-school deadline can focus minds.

Preparing Your Home

Much of the same advice in terms of preparing your home for sale applies regardless of season. But there are some things you can do to make your home stand out during the summer months. Here are just a few of our top tips and we are always happy to work with you to ensure your home stands out when it goes to market.

  1. First impressions count

Set the tone right and make sure your home has kerbside appeal. With longer days, chances are viewings will be in daylight and the exterior of your home will be noticed more than in the winter months. Make sure the front garden is tidy, grass is cut, and hedges trimmed. Perhaps give the front door a fresh coat of paint. A hanging basket, window boxes or pots filled with fragrant flowers will not only provide a pop of colour but lift a buyer’s mood before they step inside.

  1. Accessorize for the season

Decluttering your home is key in any season but in summer remember to declutter some of the winter accessories. Give your home a bright, airy feel by putting away blankets and pillows. Maybe introduce some seasonal colours with brightly coloured cushion covers. Have fresh flowers on the mantelpiece and even some pots of herbs on the kitchen windowsill. Beds should be made with crisp, fresh linens rather than heavy duvets and blankets.

  1. Keep it cool and comfortable

Most of our homes are not equipped with air conditioning so it’s important to make sure your home is cooled before any viewings. Open windows and let the fresh air in. Make sure this doesn’t mean doors are banging and papers blowing around when viewers are in the property. Optimise the air flow by leaving doors open. Blinds can be down to keep a property cool before a viewing but should be opened to allow as much light in as possible in advance so make sure windows are also sparkling clean!

  1. Appeal to the senses

Our senses are often heightened during the summer months. That’s why fragrant flowers and fresh air appeal. Remember while home cooking may be enticing in colder months, these smells can be stronger and linger for longer in the heat. Make sure that there are no musty smells lingering in the property especially if you have pets. Empty indoor bins regularly. A diffuser with a fresh summer scent can do wonders in a room.

  1. Optimise the outdoors

Outdoor space is now regarded as an extension of a property. There is no better time than summer to showcase yours. No matter how small or large, a well-thought-out, functional and appealing garden space can add significant appeal to a property.  Showcase these outdoor living areas as additional selling points. Our previous blog on gardens may be helpful to you in getting your garden ready.


Selling your home in Summer offers an incredible advantage, allowing you to present your property at its best.  A little bit of preparation can make a difference in respect of the amount your home sells for and the time it takes to sell. Much of this preparation need not be arduous and can be enjoyed by you as much as any viewers.

If you’d like expert advice on selling your property and a FREE market valuation just get in touch with your local Quillsen office today. We’ll help you get your home ready to go to market and sell in the summer!