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Coming into the brighter weather and the longer evenings, spring is the perfect time to declutter. It makes you feel more in control and helps you relax and recharge in a calmer environment.





Hallways are quite possibly the most important places to keep clear. They are the first point that greets you when you get home from a long day at the office. If you are stepping over clutter when you arrive home you will feel added stress and anxiety. If there is clutter in the hallway it will also give a bad first impression to guests.  

If you must keep items in the hallway try to limit to one area.  Find better storage areas or maybe be strong and ask yourself do you really need to keep this stuff if it’s only cluttering your hallway most of the time.




The Living room

We mostly live in open plan spaces these days so it’s quite hard to keep areas for relaxation, play and work separate. You can’t close the door and keep clutter or mess out of mind’s eye.

Making sure the furniture used fits the space can make all the difference. Keep surfaces clear and keep only select items on display.





The kitchen

The hub of many homes can become a dumping ground. A well designed functioning kitchen should be designed with enough storage. You should be able to place your hands on what you need quite easily and quickly and you should keep counter work space clear for when you are cooking. It is good to have most of the counter top clear from items collecting dust and just have selected things stored on the counter top. The space above the kitchen cabinets can be a good place to store items but if something has been up there for a long time and does not get use then it is probably a good indication that it is for the charity shop, someone might find use for it.





The Playroom

Disorganised toys can be overwhelming. Take time with your child to sort them out - this can be a nice way to spend an afternoon with your children. Use sandwich bags to gather loose pieces of games to try and keep them together. Try and make a straight forward organising system so your children can understand and know where they should put the toy after they have finished playing.





The bathroom

The bathroom can get cluttered very easily but it’s probably the easiest part of the house to unclutter. Lots of toiletries scattered everywhere can cause things to look very untidy. Anything that is not used daily can be tidied away into a cupboard or storage basket. Loads of toiletries and shower gel bottles scattered over surfaces, around the bath or in the shower, can appear really messy. Keeping a sponge nearby to wipe down taps and sink after use can make a bathroom feel instantly clean and bright.


The bedroom

The bedroom should be a calm relaxing haven - a place to get a nice rest and to recuperate. If you have furniture that collects clutter maybe it’s time to take it out of the bedroom for example  the chair that gets clothes thrown over it. Keep bed side tables clear from clutter as this is usually the first thing you will see in the morning. Dust and air out the bedroom often as it can accumulate dust quickly. Fresh air will help you sleep better and you will wake better rested.