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Autumn can be a really good time to bring your home to market. It can also be a wonderful time to take advantage of showcasing your home at it’s best given the light and colours of the season. Although we have benefitted hugely from a wonderful September, the darker, colder evenings are drawing in. So we have a few easy hints and tips to help you get your sale off to a great start.



Darker days can be one of the biggest issues with showing a house at its best. Natural light is at a premium at this time of year and the impending clock change only makes this more challenging. The first thing to do is to try to arrange viewings during the day, when you can have curtains and blinds open allowing the winter sunshine to come in.

If that’s not possible, or if the weather is dark and gloomy then introduce a couple of side lamps. This can be very effective in living rooms and bedrooms. In other areas, you can try using a brighter light by switching bulbs or use fairy lights around mirrors in bedrooms to create a bright, ambient space. Make sure all bulbs are working!



As well as getting darker, the days are also getting colder. You may not need the heating on for long periods of time yet but make sure the house is warm for any viewings. How long you pop the heating on for will depend on the time of the day and the actual temperature too. You want your home to be warm but not uncomfortably so.

A fire can also take the chill off a room while making it warm and inviting. Do ensure any drafts have been repaired and that there are no leaks or squeaks when it’s raining or windy.



The season has changed and so has the weather. Tidy away all those summer items and make sure there is no unseasonal clutter around. Buckets and spades, body boards, flip flops and so on can be stored away along with picnic bits and pieces that you may not be using for a while again.

Autumn is also the time that our outside space changes a lot. Remember to sweep up leaves and take down or replant hanging baskets and pots. There are some gorgeous late-flowering options to add a touch of colour.

Even in the darker weather, let people know how useful your garden space is. Leave garden furniture out but store cushions as they may blow away. Some festoon lighting will highlight an outdoor dining space beautifully.



Autumn is a time when we tend to start spending more time indoors. We like to have a cozy and comfortable home. Adding seasonal touches and bringing the autumnal colours inside can really add appeal to your home. Cushions and throws in rich coloured fabrics and snuggly textures can be used to dress sofas, chairs and beds. These splashes of autumn colour can be complimented with a scented candle or diffuser.

It’s important that all glass and reflective surfaces – windows and mirrors – are clean and polished. This will allow viewers connect the inside and outside of your home with a clear view. Front door wreaths and decorations are very popular currently and are no longer reserved for Christmas. Autumn colours lend themselves very well to these and can really make a great first impression.

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