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At level 5 of lockdown, it can be pretty hard to get a cup of coffee, nevermind sell your home.  Certainly it is a little tricker to sell your house during the Covid pandemic, but with the right help from your estate agent and a new approach, it is all very doable.

As more of us work from home, the importance of space and how we use it, has become even more important.  With zoom calls and home-schooling, your home has now also become your office and your child’s place of education.  It’s no wonder that there are more and more buyers actively seeking to move.

The lure of the 5K neighbourhood

Many of us are staying within our immediate localities.  Which means our list of what makes a desirable home/area has changed.  Think about your 5K exercise route.  Is there a park nearby to get some fresh air?  Or a playground to get the kids out?  What about a great little coffee shop?  Or a decent restaurant doing take-aways? And of course good broadband connectivity has become essential for everything.

More buyers on the move

There are more and more buyers on the move and seeking a new home that is suitable for their ‘new normal’. At Quillsen we have witnessed this across all property types - there are growing families seeking to trade up for more space and a larger garden. There are those who have been sharing a house who are now seeking a 1 bed apartment. And there are those in 1 and 2 bed apartments seeking larger apartments or houses to provide that all important space to work from home.

According to a recent house price report from MyHome.ie, house prices have gone up by more than 6%, the fastest pace in 3 years. In fact, at Quillsen we have witnessed prices increase by substantially more than this in many cases.

Business as usual

So what does this mean if you want to sell your house during lockdown? Solicitors and banks are still working as normal.  As is Quillsen.  We are open and continue to work behind closed doors. We are offering free physical valuations, or a virtual valuation if you prefer. And we are also offering virtual viewings for potential buyers.

Virtual marketing

Virtual viewings offer the safest way to initially show off your home to as many buyers as possible.  We will film a tour of your home to showcase it online. This has the added benefit of ensuring that your home sale is managed with the utmost safety.  No-one else has to be present in your house other than the videographer and the agent.  The team in Quillsen will make the video available to potential buyers.  And will support the sale with any teleconferencing or zoom meetings.


At Quillsen, this is part of the process that is least affected by the covid pandemic.  Our agent will conduct all the negotiating for you.  We will keep you constantly updated of any bids and developments. And help bring the sale to a speedy conclusion - for the best selling price.  And of course, we’ll manage the sale agreed process with both parties’ solicitors.

Don’t be put off by the pandemic

2020 was a strange year and 2021 looks to be more of the same.  But life has gone on and people are still looking for the home of their dreams. 

Timing is always important when it comes to selling your home for the best price.  Over the coming months it’s going to be crucial.  At the moment there are more buyers than properties. With fewer properties on the market choice is restricted for buyers.  Given the lack of property on the market at the moment we believe now may be the best time to sell.

All of our recent sellers have been delighted with the prices we have achieved.

Can we help you?

Perhaps you have questions about your moving plans, or need advice on the value of your property – whatever it is, we’re here to help at any time.

Fill out our contact form or call us on 01 6323000 if you’d like a confidential chat.

We will give you clear advice on what to do in your specific situation – whether waiting or taking action is the best option for you.  Please ask – we’d really like to help if we can.